Lisa Fisher 



Lisa’s love of equines actually began with a burro when she was only five years old.  

When she was nine she got her first pony that was barely green broke…not the best situation.  But, with lessons and determination the two of them figured it out together.  Lisa and her paint pony successfully experienced everything from the hunter show ring to mountain trail rides.  As a teen-ager, Lisa worked to pay her horse’s board by helping start the green horses at the barn.  She learned a lot, but more importantly it increased her desire to learn more about understanding and training horses.


As the years passed, Lisa studied numerous trainers’ home study programs and attended clinics in her desire to continue to learn more.   In Lisa’s words, “it wasn’t until I met Don and Linda Coulter that the light bulb I’d been looking for my whole life finally came on.  Their system of commonsense horsemanship was the answer to my questions.”


Fast forward to the present and Lisa has become an accomplished trainer who specializes in starting the young horses.  She has become known for her gentle, thorough and consistent training methods.  Lisa takes the young horses from haltering and leading to jumping in the round pen carrying a flapping tarp on their backs to easily being ridden under saddle. “I like to help them understand and trust the human.  The only way to accomplish that is to teach them and be the leader they inherently need”.  As Don says, “Always think about how to make it easier for the horse to understand what we’re asking”.


“Training horses is the best job in the world!”.….Lisa Fisher.